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Our Homes:

Conewood Manor  -  Hertfordshire

Newgrange - Hertfordshire

Clarence House -  Dorset

Hill House  -  Devon

Three Corners -  Devon

Clarence House Three Corners Hill House Newgrange

In each of our 5 Care Homes we provide:

High standards of new or refurbished accommodation

Highest quality care from our expert care staff

Short or long stays

Extensive well being and social activities to stimulate and entertain

Fresh cooked wholesome food with choices at every meal

Personalised day care plans that put the resident first

Supportive family atmosphere

Fully qualified staff able to assist mild dementia sufferers

Access for visitors at any time

Chiropodist, Optician, Hairdresser and Dentist

Speech Therapist

Visits from local clergy

Welcome to Best Care Homes

Best Care Homes are a bespoke collection of 4 residential care homes in Dorset, Hertfordshire and Devon. Our homes have between 29 and 46 beds so large enough to provide all the necessary facilities and services, yet not so large that they lose the personal touch.

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Conewood Manor - Current rating: Good    Full report here

Newgrange - Current rating: Good      Full report here

Clarence House - Current rating: Good    Full report here

Three Corners - Current rating: Good    Full report here

Hill House - Current rating: Good   Full report here

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Conewood Manor Clarence House Three Corners Newgrange Hill House

Conewood Manor




Clarence House


Three Corners


Hill House