Our Homes:

Conewood Manor  -  Hertfordshire

Newgrange - Hertfordshire

Clarence House -  Dorset

Hill House  -  Devon

Three Corners -  Devon

Clarence House Three Corners Hill House


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Best Care Homes - Meet the team

Conewood Manor Nursing Home:

Attila Gyarmati is the Registered Manager of Conewood. Attila has been manager at Conewood Manor since March 2014.  Prior to that he was deputy manager at other homes and has a nursing background. He became a UK registered nurse in 2010 and also a qualified solical worker since 2012.  Attila's passion is to ensure all residents receive excellent care whether they are with us for a short stay or are reaching end of life.

Clarence House Residential Care Home:

Debbie Wyke is Registered Manager of Clarence House. She has strong person centred philosophy and ensures her team strikes a balance between providing support when it's needed and helping residents to maintain independence. She promotes a full and active lifestyle wherever possible and ensures a warm, friendly atmosphere where residents can live with dignity and privacy in a safe, caring environment.

Three Corners Nursing Home:

Vicky Bundy is the Registered Manager and is responsible for the care of all of our residents. With a career in nursing of 42 years Vicky has been at Three Corners since 2005. Vicky is passionate about older people and enabling them to live their lives as normally as possible. She manages the care team and makes sure that they give their best at all times.

Hill House Nursing Home:

Alison Fitzgerald is the Registered Manager of Hill House and is passionate about working with older people and is responsible for ensuring all the residents at Hill House receive excellent care from the staff team.  

Alison has over 30 years nursing experience in both acute and community settings. She strives to make people’s lives as full as possible whilst receiving appropriate care.

Newgrange Home: OPENING IN NOVEMBER 2018

David Henson (Left) and Nick Meyer (Right) are the Directors of Shervey Limited, The Best Care Homes Group. Alex Macfarlane (Centre) is Deputy Operations Director.

After many high profile roles and between them 60 years in service oriented roles Nick and David started in the care sector in 2007 with Three Corners as the first home. They both have a real passion for achieving excellence in everything they do and have invested heavily to create a state of the art care environment in each of the 5 Care Homes.

Alex’s background is in psychology and education. These skills will enable her to enhance the homes so that they are even more nurturing with happy, caring environments. Her aim is to help develop the staff further so that they can focus on client centred care and best meet the interests of every resident.